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NC Senate approves bill making it a crime to wear a mask in public

The North Carolina Senate has passed an amended version of House Bill 237, which prohibits mask-wearing in public and increases penalties for crimes committed while wearing a mask. The bill, which has faced significant opposition from advocates and organizations concerned about its impact on health exemptions and protest rights, now returns to the House for concurrence.

Bike Lanes in Charlotte: Expanding Opportunities for Cyclists

Charlotte is enhancing its biking infrastructure with projects like the 30-mile Cross Charlotte Trail, aiming to improve connectivity and safety for cyclists. During National Bike Month, the city promotes cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation, despite ongoing challenges with busy roads lacking dedicated bike paths.

Red wolf pups signal hope for endangered species in NC

Legislation aimed at increasing private school voucher funding in North Carolina is causing concern among educators, particularly in rural areas, as it diverts money from public schools. Deanne Meadows, superintendent of the Columbus County School District, highlighted that underfunding has already forced them to consolidate schools and that private schools receiving vouchers lack the same accountability and inclusivity as public schools.