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Report finds long-term Investment in rural areas improves resources

A new report highlights the impact of investing $100 million in rural North Carolina through the Healthy Places initiative, improving access to health, food, and recreation resources over a decade. Adam Linker of the Reynolds trust emphasizes the importance of community-driven efforts, noting significant improvements and active engagement with local leaders to enhance services like snow removal in underserved areas.

NC doesn’t pay dentists enough to treat Medicaid beneficiaries, new report says

The report by the Oral Health Transformation Task Force, under the NC Institute of Medicine, emphasizes the integration of oral health with general health, particularly for Medicaid beneficiaries and low-income individuals. State Medicaid director Jay Ludlam highlights the critical importance of dental health and its broad impacts, including better job prospects and overall physical health.

NC mental health facilities plagued by big and chronic staffing shortages

In North Carolina, the dire state of mental health care is highlighted by a critical shortage of professionals and high vacancy rates in psychiatric hospitals, leading to prolonged waiting times for care. Efforts to address these issues include the need for competitive salaries for healthcare staff and streamlining state hiring practices to attract and retain the necessary workforce.

Sen. Sanders Says Millions of People Can’t Find a Doctor. He’s Mostly Right.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has long been a champion of a government-sponsored “Medicare for All” health program to solve long-standing problems in the United States, where we pay much more for health care than people in other countries but are often sicker and have a shorter average life expectancy.