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Impact of private school voucher funding on rural areas raises concern

Legislation aimed at increasing private school voucher funding in North Carolina is causing concern among educators, particularly in rural areas, as it diverts money from public schools. Deanne Meadows, the Columbus County School District superintendent, highlighted that underfunding has already forced them to consolidate schools and that private schools receiving vouchers lack the same accountability and inclusivity as public schools.

Cooper renews call for public school investments, blasts GOP voucher expansion as “larceny”

In a recent press conference, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina reiterated his call for increased public school funding and opposed expansion of the private school voucher program, labeling Republican efforts as a “reverse Robin Hood scheme.” He also highlighted proposed legislation that would impose stricter regulations on private schools benefiting from taxpayer-funded vouchers, aiming to enhance accountability and ensure compliance with educational standards.

Podcast: NCAE president Tamika Walker Kelly on what’s causing our state’s high teacher attrition rate

Recent reports reveal a significant teacher attrition rate of 11.5% in North Carolina public schools, with over 10,000 educators leaving between March 2022 and March 2023, highlighting ongoing challenges in the state’s education system. Despite these setbacks and continuous disinvestment, dedicated teachers persist in their roles, hoping for positive legislative changes as leaders like Tamika Walker Kelly, President of the North Carolina Association of Educators, advocate for improvement.

Students unite to defend DEI initiatives

Kylie Rice, a student at a Historically Black College in North Carolina, highlighted the significance of DEI in providing opportunities and combating discrimination, especially amidst legislative actions that aim to limit such initiatives in state-funded institutions. Across the nation, over thirty states are confronting legislative proposals that challenge the funding and practices of DEI in public education, with supporters arguing that banning these efforts has severely impacted college programs and student activities.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, interim chancellor selection attracts growing student opposition

At a surprisingly well-attended teach-in organized by students at UNC-Chapel Hill to discuss the controversial appointment of interim chancellor Lee Roberts, the turnout exceeded expectations, signaling a growing interest among students in the politics of their education and the decision-making processes at the university. Amidst concerns over Roberts’ lack of academic administrative experience and his political connections, the event also highlighted efforts by the student group TransparUNCy to foster greater awareness and engagement among the student body regarding the governance of their institution.

NC’s college-bound students face FAFSA delays

Despite the intended simplification of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process, students and families across North Carolina and beyond are encountering persistent issues, including a significant mishap where a vendor’s error potentially affected the financial need calculations for up to 200,000 applicants. In response, the Department of Education is introducing new resources to aid in correcting these errors, amidst a backdrop of delays and challenges that have left many students uncertain about their college funding prospects.

NC school voucher dollars are funding Christian Nationalist indoctrination

by Justin Parmenter, NC NewslineMarch 12, 2024 Shortly after he took over as North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor in 2021, current Republican candidate for governor Mark Robinson launched a task force to root out indoctrination in our public schools. Robinson claimed indoctrination was a widespread problem and set up an online portal to solicit complaints about educators from …

State Charter Schools Review Board declines to renew charter for Gaston County school

by Greg Childress, NC NewslineMarch 11, 2024 The state Charter Schools Review Board on Monday voted unanimously to not renew the charter of Ridgeview Charter School in Gastonia due to poor academic performance. Ridgeview is a K-9 school that serves some of Gaston County’s poorest children. Charter Schools review Board member Dave Machado (file photo) …