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Strained Resources in Iredell County Due to Housing Boom

Credit: iStock

The rapid growth from Mooresville to Statesville is causing significant strain on Iredell County’s resources. With a 7% population increase over the past three years, County Commissioner Bert Connolly aims to cut this growth in half, citing the challenges of managing such rapid expansion.

Iredell County Manager Beth Mull highlights the issue, noting that large housing developments, such as those with a thousand homes, necessitate the construction of new schools in already maxed-out districts. Mull emphasizes the difficulty of future planning when forced into a reactive stance. The county, now home to over 200,000 residents, is projected to grow another 10% by 2029, driven by retirees from New York and California. To address funding challenges without raising taxes, Connolly and Mull suggest implementing impact fees for developers, a common practice in other states.