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Moss Lake Residents Protest Proposed Fee Increases

Credit: iStock

Homeowners around Moss Lake in Kings Mountain are up in arms over a proposed fee increase by city officials. The fee hike would affect the annual lease fee for shoreline use, boating permits, and camping fees, impacting many of the 500 homes around the 1,600-acre reservoir. At a recent city council meeting, nearly a hundred residents voiced their frustrations, emphasizing the financial strain on retirees and families with fixed incomes.

Currently, residents pay a $575 annual lease fee, but the new proposal would introduce tiered pricing based on shoreline frontage, potentially raising fees up to $1,725. Boating and camping permits would also see significant increases. The city argues the hike is necessary to cover maintenance costs, which have outpaced revenue. However, residents stress the burden this would place on their budgets, calling for a more gradual increase. The council has delayed the vote to reconsider the proposal.