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Mecklenburg County Launches New System to Find Foster Parents

Credit: iStock

Mecklenburg County is implementing a new system to streamline the search for foster parents amidst a significant shortage in North Carolina. With over 10,000 children in need of a home and only about 5,500 licensed foster families, the county has introduced Binti, an online application platform designed to make the process more efficient for prospective foster parents. This new system aims to ease the burden on applicants and improve the response time from the Department of Social Services.

Moneque Heyward, a foster parent in Mecklenburg County, has praised Binti for cutting her license renewal time in half. The initiative is part of a broader campaign to recruit more foster families and dispel common misconceptions about foster care. Additionally, new state legislation will provide financial support of up to $405 a month per child to relatives caring for children in the foster system, further incentivizing family-based care.