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Hodges Family Advocates for Pet Chicken Rule Change in Harrisburg

Credit: iStock

In Harrisburg, the Hodges family is campaigning for a change in town regulations to allow them to keep their pet chickens. Currently, Harrisburg’s ordinance requires a minimum of two acres of land to keep livestock, but the Hodges family, who own only half an acre, has been fined over $1,000 for non-compliance. The family argues that their chickens pose no hazard or nuisance and are treated as pets by their young daughters.

The Hodges are actively seeking to have the rule amended to accommodate families with smaller properties. They have presented their case to the town council, though no steps have been taken yet to draft a new regulation. This situation is similar to that of the Celmer family in nearby Concord, who are also pushing for policy changes to allow them to keep chickens to support their son’s special needs. The city of Concord is considering a rule change to permit female chickens on single-family lots, with specific limits based on property size.