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Charlotte celebrates Pollinators Month with events, education

Credit: iStock

By Shanteya Hudson, Producer

Thursday, June 27, 2024   

In celebration of Pollinators Month, Charlotte is using its Bee City USA designation to emphasize the crucial role pollinators play in our ecosystem.

Partnering with local beekeepers, the city is working to educate the community, enhance habitats and reduce pesticide use.

Victoria Aguilar, assistant city arborist for the City of Charlotte, noted while supporting pollinators is simple, many people are unaware of their importance to everyday life.

“One out of every three bites of food that we eat is pollinated by an insect,” Aguilar pointed out. “So you think about all the vegetables that you eat, most of those need insects in order to pollinate in order to create that fruit.”

They also aid in plant reproduction and diversity, and include not just bees but also ants, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Charlotte’s efforts are part of the Keep Charlotte Beautiful program, with staff and community partners advancing Bee City USA commitments. The committee includes members from the Wildlife Federation and CleanAIRE NC.

Charlotte’s celebration includes several events this week. Tonight is Moth Night, and residents can explore nocturnal wildlife with naturalist Lenny Lampel. Tomorrow is Summer Wedding Days, where volunteers can help maintain pollinator-friendly gardens at local schools. Friday evening, a Movie Night will feature a wildlife film, offering more education about pollinators.

In addition to education, Aguilar stressed anyone can contribute to pollinator conservation by creating a space for pollinators.

“There are a lot of native plants that you could use if you want shrubs that you can prune into a nice formal sphere but that also have benefits to the native pollinators, the native insects here,” Aguilar suggested. “Or you can go with a meadow where you throw out a wildflower mixed with seeds and see what comes up.”

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