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North Carolina can do more to help people with opioid use disorder find treatment, a policy expert tells legislators

According to an expert from The Pew Charitable Trusts, large regions of North Carolina, including the northeastern part, lack health care providers who accept Medicaid for treatments related to opioid abuse. Andrew Whitacre’s testimony to the House Select Committee on Substance Use emphasized the need for policy adjustments to facilitate access to such treatments and align state strategies with financial support.

Students unite to defend DEI initiatives

Kylie Rice, a student at a Historically Black College in North Carolina, highlighted the significance of DEI in providing opportunities and combating discrimination, especially amidst legislative actions that aim to limit such initiatives in state-funded institutions. Across the nation, over thirty states are confronting legislative proposals that challenge the funding and practices of DEI in public education, with supporters arguing that banning these efforts has severely impacted college programs and student activities.

After years of work, North Carolina clears backlog of untested rape kits

A bipartisan effort in North Carolina, led by Attorney General Josh Stein, has succeeded in eliminating a backlog of 16,000 untested rape kits, a significant stride toward justice for survivors. This achievement, marked by a ceremony with key stakeholders including law enforcement and legislators, highlights the collaborative work across party lines and the essential role of federal funding in addressing these critical issues.

Breaking the Backlog: How North Carolina is Confronting Its Rape Kit Crisis

North Carolina has made remarkable progress in addressing its backlog of untested rape kits, with about 95% of the 16,219 kits identified in a 2018 Department of Justice audit now tested, leading to 174 arrests from the resultant DNA profiles. This significant advancement not only aids in providing justice to victims and strengthening community safety but also highlights the ongoing challenges in supporting survivors and the need for systemic improvements.

NC mental health facilities plagued by big and chronic staffing shortages

In North Carolina, the dire state of mental health care is highlighted by a critical shortage of professionals and high vacancy rates in psychiatric hospitals, leading to prolonged waiting times for care. Efforts to address these issues include the need for competitive salaries for healthcare staff and streamlining state hiring practices to attract and retain the necessary workforce.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, interim chancellor selection attracts growing student opposition

At a surprisingly well-attended teach-in organized by students at UNC-Chapel Hill to discuss the controversial appointment of interim chancellor Lee Roberts, the turnout exceeded expectations, signaling a growing interest among students in the politics of their education and the decision-making processes at the university. Amidst concerns over Roberts’ lack of academic administrative experience and his political connections, the event also highlighted efforts by the student group TransparUNCy to foster greater awareness and engagement among the student body regarding the governance of their institution.

NC presidential pardon highlights marijuana reform

A man from North Carolina serving a long sentence for selling drugs has received a presidential pardon, which sparked discussions about long sentences for marijuana-related offenses. As President Joe Biden grants forgiveness to James Michael Barber, advocates for changing the current drug laws emphasize the need for broader reforms for marijuana-related charges.

Paul Armentano, deputy director of the advocacy group known as NORML, said the significance of presidential pardons is important.

NC school voucher dollars are funding Christian Nationalist indoctrination

by Justin Parmenter, NC NewslineMarch 12, 2024 Shortly after he took over as North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor in 2021, current Republican candidate for governor Mark Robinson launched a task force to root out indoctrination in our public schools. Robinson claimed indoctrination was a widespread problem and set up an online portal to solicit complaints about educators from …