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Bike Lanes in Charlotte: Expanding Opportunities for Cyclists

Charlotte is enhancing its biking infrastructure with projects like the 30-mile Cross Charlotte Trail, aiming to improve connectivity and safety for cyclists. During National Bike Month, the city promotes cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation, despite ongoing challenges with busy roads lacking dedicated bike paths.

NC needs to remove hurdles that keep former offenders from finding jobs, advocates say

Advocates in North Carolina are pushing for “Second Chance” legislation to alleviate the long-term burdens on those previously incarcerated or arrested without conviction, aiming to improve their access to jobs, housing, and social inclusion. At a news conference, Sen. Julie Mayfield highlighted the challenges faced by these individuals, including job and housing discrimination, and punitive financial obligations that perpetuate poverty.

Biden administration to greatly ease marijuana regulations

The Biden administration, through the Department of Justice, announced plans to downgrade marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III drug, signaling a shift towards less restrictive federal drug policies. This change, proposed by the DEA, aims to better align with the scientific understanding and prevailing public opinion on marijuana’s use and effects.

House bill would create a new state Department of Housing and Community Development

House Bill 925, introduced by Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, seeks to establish a North Carolina Department of Housing and Community Development aimed at enhancing economic potential and housing accessibility for low- to moderate-income residents. The bill outlines the creation of various divisions within the department and proposes a $30 million annual budget to support its initiatives.

Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church Is Tackling Charlotte’s Housing Crisis

Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, is addressing the city’s affordable housing shortage by launching Varick on 7th, a mixed-use apartment complex developed in collaboration with the city and Laurel Street Residential. This initiative not only provides essential housing options but also sets a precedent for community-church partnerships to tackle major social issues.

New poll shows AG Josh Stein widening gap over Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in NC’s governor’s race

With the gubernatorial election just months away, the latest Meredith College poll reveals Democrat Josh Stein widening his lead over Republican Mark Robinson in North Carolina. Stein’s increasing support among unaffiliated voters and moderates, coupled with concerns over Robinson’s past statements and actions, suggests a shifting political landscape ahead of Election Day.

Polluters must pay to clean up areas contaminated with PFOA, PFOS

In a landmark move, the EPA has mandated that industries discharging harmful PFOA and PFOS compounds will be held accountable for cleanup costs under the Superfund law, reinforcing the polluter-pays principle. This ruling, which also imposes stringent reporting obligations, signifies a major shift towards proactive environmental protection and the safeguarding of public health.

NC Appeals Court rules Gov. Cooper erred in COVID-19 bar closures

The North Carolina Court of Appeals deemed Governor Roy Cooper’s selective closure of bars during the early COVID-19 pandemic as “irrational and arbitrary,” lacking solid scientific backing to differentiate between types of bars in terms of transmission risk. Despite claims of relying on science, the ruling criticized the absence of evidence supporting why certain bars could not comply with safety protocols that applied to others allowed to operate.

Podcast: NCAE president Tamika Walker Kelly on what’s causing our state’s high teacher attrition rate

Recent reports reveal a significant teacher attrition rate of 11.5% in North Carolina public schools, with over 10,000 educators leaving between March 2022 and March 2023, highlighting ongoing challenges in the state’s education system. Despite these setbacks and continuous disinvestment, dedicated teachers persist in their roles, hoping for positive legislative changes as leaders like Tamika Walker Kelly, President of the North Carolina Association of Educators, advocate for improvement.