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Bike Lanes in Charlotte: Expanding Opportunities for Cyclists

Credit: iStock

As Charlotte continues to grow, so does its biking infrastructure, offering residents new and improved ways to navigate the city on two wheels. May, celebrated as National Bike Month, sees various activities and initiatives promoting cycling among Charlotteans.

The city has made significant strides in developing bike lanes and trails, highlighted by the ambitious Cross Charlotte Trail. This 30-mile trail will eventually stretch from Pineville through Center City to the UNC Charlotte campus. Dave Campbell, Bicycle Program Manager for Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), emphasizes the city’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and safety for cyclists. With a $4 million annual budget dedicated to mobility improvements, Charlotte is on its way to completing over 100 miles of bike lanes.

Cycling advocates like Izzy Archibaud from Charlotte Re-Cyclery highlight the growing community and the importance of safe biking routes. Despite the progress, cyclists still need dedicated bike paths.

Christine Webber of Charlotte Bike Commuters underscores the benefits of biking for commuting, noting the environmental and health advantages. She advocates for more interconnected routes to make cycling a viable option for daily transportation.

As Bike Month activities continue, Charlotte aims to foster a cycling culture, encouraging residents to consider bikes not just for recreation but as a sustainable mode of transportation.